ORYX BEISA Precision Rifle Chassis

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ORYX Bolt-Action Rifle Chassis
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ORYX BEISA Precision Rifle Chassis


ORYX BEISA Precision Rifle Chassis


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  • Chassis panels come in ODG
  • Weight: 4.2lbs
  • LOP: 13 - 13.5" (Additional LOP can be achieved with our spacer kit)
  • Material: 6061
  • Finish: MIL Spec Type III hard anodize
  • Accepts AR-15 Grips (included)
  • M-LOK pattern slots along underside of forend
  • Uses AICS pattern magazines
  • Free floating barrel
  • Maximum barrel diameter of 1.250"


The ORYX Beisa Chassis was developed as an affordable alternative to a conventional bolt action or 10/22 rifle stock. Designed with both range performance and hunting portability in mind - the ORYX Beisa provides superior ergonomics through it's specialized design.

The ORYX Beisa brings your bolt action or 10/22 rifle to the next level in versatility and ergonomics, with an instant improvement in accuracy.

The drop-in style chassis is easy to install onto your action and comes with everything you need* to get out and get shooting.

The stock is manufactured out of aluminum, hard anodized to MIL Spec Type III, and has durable polymer side panels.

Magazine Compatibility

Howa LA 3.715" magazine
Howa Mini Factory magazine
Howa Mini Youth Factory magazine
Howa SA SA AICS magazine
Remington 700 SA SA AICS magazine
Remington 700 LAA 3.715" magazine
Remington 783 SA SA AICS magazine
Ruger American SA SA AICS magazine
Savage Axis SA SA AICS magazine
Savage Axis LA 3.560" magazine
Savage SA SA AICS magazine
Savage LA 3.715" magazine
Tikka SA SA AICS magazine
Tikka T1X Factory magazine

Shipping Information

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Additional Information

6061 Aluminum & High-Strength Polymer Panels
MIL Spec Type II Hard Anodize
Approx. 4.2lb
Spec-Max Barrel Diameter:
Free float up to 1.250"
Spec-Magazine Compatibility:
AICS pattern Magazines
Spec-Grip Compatibility:
Accepts most AR-15 Grips (MDT Pistol Grip Included)
M-LOK on underside of forend