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Three Steps To Accuracy.

Super simple installation. ORYX chassis system replaces your current factory rifle stock. No gunsmithing required
Install ORYX Chassis in ten minutes
  • 01.Remove your rifle action from the wobbly manufacturer stock.
  • 02.Drop your action into your new ORYX chassis system.
  • 03.Get out there and shoot! You won't get better staring at it.

What Makes ORYX so Great.

ORYX is a one-piece integrated aluminium chassis and buttstock created to improve the consistency and accuracy of your bolt action rifle

Free Floating Barrel.

We let the bore do the chore. The ORYX keeps your barrel free of any contact with the chassis components for greater consistency.

Solid Action Interface.

Each ORYX is designed for your specific rifle model - holding your action solid for better accuracy.

Integrated Rifle Stock

From the forend to the buttpad - ORYX is one piece of aircraft grade aluminium. Solid. Straight.


Try ORYX Risk Free.

Shoot it. Love it. Keep it.

If you aren’t completely satisfied you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Risk Free 30 day ORYX trial

Contoured Forend Grip.

Provides comfort and a solid hold.

You always have your hands on your rifle - why not make it feel perfect when you hold it? The ORYX fits great in your hands and sits solid on barricades and platforms. And for those cold days in the woods or when things heat up at the range the ORYX polymer side panels keep your hand's comfortable no matter the conditions.

Adjustable Cheek Riser.

Perfect alignment for that perfect shot.

Comfort and positioning were top of mind when we developed our butt stock. Plus our adjustable cheek riser gets you the perfect cheek weld, for the perfect shot.

ORYX Chassis Pistol Grip

Overmolded Pistol Grip.

Designed to compliment any shooting style.

Tested and designed to fit hands of all sizes and shapes the pistol grip has swells and contours to provide flexibility in hand placement.

Durable Buttpad.

Adjust for perfect fit.

The rubber overmolded buttpad comes with one .25" spacer (installed) to adjust length of pull.

Get Yours Today.

Drop your bolt action rifle into an ORYX chassis and experience a new level in accuracy. ORDER NOW